Conflict Coaching and Mediation

Dennis E. Bills is a conflict coach and Supreme Court-Approved Family Court Mediator within the State of West Virginia.  He provides mediation services for the State's family court system, but is also qualified to provide conflict coaching and mediation services in a wide range of other areas--business and professional, church, or family relationships.   

If you need conflict coaching or mediation services, contact Dennis at 304-220-0115 or email dbills (at)

Any conflict can be mediated, and if the parties are willing, a mediator can help them come to an agreement.   Consider these advantages--

  • Mediation may reduce or eliminate the cost of attorneys' fees and court costs. 
  • Mediation may reduce the hassle, stress, and time of adjudicating a conflict in a court of law.
  • Mediation may allow parties to determine the resolution of the conflict on their own terms rather than those dictated to them by the court. 
What is a Conflict Coach?

    A Conflict Coach is someone experienced and trained in helping others to resolve a conflict.   A conflict coach serves as a sort of counselor to one party in a conflict, helping them sort through issues to determine what they need to do to reconcile with the other party.  Dennis does not engage in what is technically called professional counseling.  However, Dennis is experienced as a pastoral counselor and educator.

What is a Mediator?

     Conflict coaches can become mediators if they are asked by at least one party to take a more active role in reconciling two parties.   A mediator meets together with both parties, guiding them through the process of reconciliation.   The mediation process follows recognized guidelines  established by Peacemaker Ministries International, including the Guidelines for Christian Conciliation and Standard of Conduct. In many cases, successful mediation can help avert costly legal action.  Parties in conflict need not be Christians to take advantage of mediation services.  Mediation is universally recognized as an effective alternative to adjudication in a court of law.  

About the Coach

In his work as a school administrator and minister Dennis worked for over a decade with  dozens of families to bring peace to damaged relationships.  He has helped people through accusations of child abuse, marriage conflict, parent-child alienation, and many other types of interpersonal conflict.  He has a reputation for being very effective in getting to the heart of conflict problems and helping people see issues that need to be resolved.

     If you need either conflict coaching or mediation, do not hesitate to consult with Dennis by phone or email.  

    If Dennis perceives that your problem is beyond his range of experience and training, he will tell you straightforwardly and will help you connect with someone who can help. 


     Dennis charges fees that are commensurate with others in the field.  Fees are an investment that help people take the conciliation process seriously and enable Dennis to maintain his training in the field.   He does some pro bono work as well.


Note: Peacemaker Ministries does not endorse any Certified Christian Conciliator's, candidate's or trainee's qualifications, proficiencies, or suitability to provide conciliation services in a particular case. Peacemaker Ministries does not have any control over services provided by Certified Christian Conciliators, candidates, or trainees not directly administered by the Institute for Christian Conciliation, a division of Peacemaker Ministries.  The fact that a mediator has been trained  by Peacemaker Ministries and uses Peacemaker's Guidelines for Christian Conciliation and Standards of Conduct does not imply that that a qualified mediator is a Certified Christian Conciliator through Peacemaker Ministries