Dragon world

 it was a clear night, and the bright moon was shining down on Timmy, who was walking home from tom's house when he heard a noise a noise coming from the back of a alleyway. then he almost jumped six feet high when John and Collin( Timmy's friends who were twins)came out  from there house."hello,"said Collin, giggling."We came out of the house to see what that noise was."what, you heard it too?"Timmy said shortly as they started down the alleyway. suddenly, john said"look up at the sky!!!" some sort of object was coming down towards them.the kids quickly hid behind a building.The object was a perfect oval shape with two curved claws coming out of the sides."I know you are there," a hissing voice said as the ship landed."come out," "is it just me, or did I just hear a voice??" Collin said shakily "We all heard it," Timmy said quietly. just then, a door on the ship opened and there it was. a dragon.A real,live dragon."oooookkkkkkkkkay,"john said."first thing we find out is if this dragon is friendly or hostile,""you'll find that out now,"the dragon said."as you become evil!!!"then one of its spikes in the bottom of its head started to glow, and a black ball shot towards them"definitely hostile," john said shakily suddenly, a gold wall shot up between the kids and the dragon and the kids fell down, down,and
down.Then everything went black.                     

Timmy,John,and Collin woke up on the ground in the middle of a meadow "where are we?" asked Collin."I don't know,"John said. just then a creature holding three balls came out of the trees and towards the kids "aah!!" Timmy yelled and jumped back. don't worry," john said "I don't think it can even hurt us,"the creature put down the balls in front of the kids and scampered away. Collin picked up a ball and opened it. "cool," he said as he noticed that there was an emerald green crystal inside it."oh no,"john yelled, "dragons, and three this time!RUN!!"the three ran as fast as they could across a shallow river, through the trees, and before the dragons saw them, they scampered up a tree small tree."where did they go?"asked one of the dragons."I don't know,"said one of then as it stopped beside the tree the kids were hiding up."come on,"the last one said."lets go there obviously not here,"and they ran of into the Forest.the kids then climbed down the tree."well, lets go find a place to stay for the night."Timmy said."I'm really sleepy.""OK,"john said."Timmy,you go get us a place to sleep for the night.Collin,you can find us some food and I'll get us a fire started.my dad taught me how to."later, when they had had a fire and a cave to sleep in,only Collin was in the cave,trying to go to sleep on the cold and hard stone floor.then the creature that had recently given them there crystals came into the cave carrying what looked like eggs!"what are these for?"Collin asked but the creature had gone away.looking down at the egg the creature had given him, he saw some writing on it.it read:Collin."cool,"and ran off to find the others.he also noticed that they had some other writing on it."colican,"and ran off to find the others.johns was lokson,and Timmy's was facion.later that night,as Collin was drifting off to sleep, he thought he heard a crackling noise eh,he thought,its just the fire. 



john woke up with something scratching and grunting at him on his stomach."huh?"he said groggily."what?"he looked at the egg-then he sat straight up."look at the egg!"he said excitedly."its-its-hatched!"this was true, for the obvious proof was that the shell was cracked like a diamond cracks.then, looking down on his lap